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35 Whelan shoots OK

35 Whelan 225grn Woodleigh projeticles

Took the 35 Whelan to the range recently while I was doing a sighting session prior to going hunting. This particular 35 Whelan is built on a ex-military Mauser 98 action with a custom walnut stock and a fairly basic 3-9 hunting scope. It was put together by an excellent, very experienced gunsmith and shoots beautifully.

First 3 shots out of a cold barrel off the bench at 100 yards.

35 Whelan 225grn Woodleigh projeticles

35 Whelan 225grn Woodleigh projeticles



Roughly this is a 0.72″ group (outside edge to outside edge). Subtract the bullet diameter of 0.35″ and call it a 0.37″ 3 shot group. This is a very good group for a hunting rifle.

This group indicates that this rifle is shooting close to 2″ high at 100 yards which is good enough for a 35 Whelan that is never likely to be used on game over 250 to 300 yards.

Have used 225 grn Woodleigh projectiles with good results hunting deer. Extremely unlikely that any deer hit well through shoulder at a reasonable range with the 35 Whelan using 225 grn projectiles will do anything but drop pretty much immediately.










This particular 35 Whelan rifle and bullet combination is great for those ‘sit and wait’ afternoons when you are looking for a deer coming out of the scrub into the open just on dark.


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