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Blaze orange day pack

Sika stag with modified blaze daypack

Different hunting areas, seasons, regulations, local custom and choice of hunting companions can dictate the most appropriate use of blaze orange.

This sika stag was taken on a private hunting block in the North Island of New Zealand. While this block is ‘private’ there have been occasions when a shot is heard or footprints seen indicating that other hunters are in the area. Combined with long hunting days in unfamiliar bush it is a good idea to wear blaze orange and make an effort to be seen. This day pack has had strips of blaze orange sewn on. The blaze orange material has the secondary benefitĀ  of helping to soften the noise of the pack moving against bush.

It is nice feeling to know that another person looking at you from behind is less likely to think you are a deer!

Sika stag with modified blaze daypack

Sika stags will go to hard antler and start to rub in rough order of size with the large stags rubbing first. This stag was in hard antler under the velvet and made great meat for the camp for the rest of the week.

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