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Game apart from deer


Cleaning up a few pigs

December 23, 2014 0

On a recent visit to a friend running a deer research farm the opportunity was provided to help remove a few pigs that were causing damage in the more remote areas. Over thirty pigs were […]


Pig hunting in France

September 5, 2014 0

Hunting is still a popular activity in rural France.             Here is couple of likely lads waiting for some action. The animals are driven by beaters and dogs towards the […]


Pig sh…

August 13, 2014 0

If you are out looking for pigs and you start coming across sign like this you know you are in a good location.



April 10, 2014 0

The Hungarian smooth haired Vizsla is a beatuiful breed of dog. Used extensively by hunters thoughout the world for hunting a wide variety of game including deer. They make excellent indicator dogs for deer stalkers. […]

sow and boar
Game managment

Early morning sow and boar

April 3, 2014 0

This sow and boar were part of a larger group making their way down to a crop paddock before sunrise. Wild pigs in a group in the forest make quite a lot of noise. With […]

Other game

Pile of pork

March 18, 2014 0

Picked up three nice boars on their way back to the National Park just as the sun was coming up. The farmer was happy as the mess these pigs were making in the paddocks needs […]