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Cleaning up a few pigs

On a recent visit to a friend running a deer research farm the opportunity was provided to help remove a few pigs that were causing damage in the more remote areas.

Over thirty pigs were seen in one evening and one morning hunt. They had a nice pattern going where they were feeding on a nearby corp and resting in the timbered area. Picked up one nice boar early in the morning as he and five boars of similar size had just come off the crop into the trees. The Norma 30-06 180grn projectile from ten meters was well and truly all that was required!

nice boar








Late the previous evening a sow that was part of very large mob of sows and various age piglets met a similar fate.

sow as well








The day pack in this photo is one that has been modified by having blaze orange panels sewn onto the back and sides. While it easy to feel comfortable on private property you can never be 100% certain that there isn’t other hunters nearby who may not identify their targets fully before shooting and you only need one of those to make it a bad day. The Blaser rifle with it’s unique bolt action can really be used to great effect when there are mobs of pigs running in front of you.


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