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GSP supervising sausage making


Guess who enjoys watching the sausages being made?









Guess she is a ‘German’ breed and bratwurst was the sausage for the day.

Bratwurst sausage recipe (per kg of meat):

  • venison 700g
  • pork (fatty) 300g
  • salt 18g
  • white pepper 3.0g
  • dry marjoram 1g
  • caraway seeds 1 g
  • nutmeg 1g
  • ground ginger 0.5g
  • 2 x white of an egg
  • cold water – about half a cup
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Long term hunter, angler and cook. Owner past and present of a number of hunting dogs including: GSP (3), Jack Russell Terrier (4), and a Brittany Spaniel. Resident of Australia, visitor to New Zealand. Hunting mainly fallow deer, rusa deer, sika deer, pigs, foxes, ducks, rabbits and hares. Author of several articles in Australian Deer.