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Good binoculars are important

Good quality binoculars are a very import piece of equipment for successful deerstalking. They don’t have to be one of the ‘top’ European brands (e.g. Swarovski) but they do need to be waterproof and work well in low light (dawn and dusk). If you wear spectacles you will find that some binoculars are easier to use than others and it is a good idea to try as many as you can before you buy.

Always a good idea to match the quality of your binoculars with your rifle scope – not much point in being able to see an animal clearly though the binoculars and not your rifle scope!

This is a small fallow spiker (yearling) shot just before dark. The binoculars are Kahles 10×40. The rifle scope a Swarovski.






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Long term hunter, angler and cook. Owner past and present of a number of hunting dogs including: GSP (3), Jack Russell Terrier (4), and a Brittany Spaniel. Resident of Australia, visitor to New Zealand. Hunting mainly fallow deer, rusa deer, sika deer, pigs, foxes, ducks, rabbits and hares. Author of several articles in Australian Deer.