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Hanging venison

How long and how to hang venison is always a good way to start a discussion among deer hunters. There is no doubt that well hung venison tastes better than freshly killed.

If you don’t live in a part of world with a suitable temperature to hand your venison in the shade because the temperature is either to high or to low then using a refrigerator is one way of hanging venison that is successful.

Where possible leave the skin on the joint e.g. back leg. While it is not absolutely important it does help to stop the meat drying out.

Using your ‘spare’ fridge take out the shelves and replace with dowel cut to length (old wooden arrows are excellent).

Hang your joints, back straps on meat hooks. If necessary use two or three dowels together to provide the required strength.

Six to eight days hanging works well for fallow deer. Doesn’t hurt to hang older, larger stags for longer (up to 10 days in the fridge hanging improes the taste). A fallow deer cut into four joints and two back straps will fit in this average size fridge quite well. Large species of deer like reds require a little more cutting up and it may be necessary to skin and bone the back legs first.

Keep an eye on the dog when you have the door open!

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