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Nice fallow stag taken on public land

This nice fallow stag was taken on public land by experienced hunters who had spent their time before the season scouting the area. It was taken within two hours of the season opening.

fallow stag on the back of a hilux

Hunting public land for large stags can be a difficult exercise. Public land managers will generally encourage hunters to shoot all deer seen to help reduce numbers and keep a balanced age structure in the herd. The majority of hunters will shoot stags that have the potential to become large trophy animals before the ‘…next hunter shoots them..’

A couple of ‘lessons’  came from this hunt: scouting prior to the season opening to get to know both the country and the deer is important; spending time getting into areas that are not within easy reach will help to find those older, trophy animals; farm fringe country that provide good feed for deer is always a great place to spend time.



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