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Rutting fallow can damage trees

The fallow deer rut in the this part of the world (southern tablelands of New South Wales) is heading to a close for a another year.

One of the reasons that land owners with fallow deer seek to manage numbers is the damage rutting stags will cause to small trees and bushes during the period up and including the rut. Fallow stags will rub their antlers on trees to remove the velvet and mark their territory.¬† Generally the damage from a landowners view is minor, however the stags can choose belts of trees planted as windbreaks or erosion control as rub trees and this can be an issue. It’s time consuming and expensive for a land owner to have to replace badly damaged trees. Management of the deer herd by controlling numbers will clearly impact on the amount of damaged trees. Better fencing (electric in particular) can also help.



















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