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Spring sambar hunting in the Australian alps

The Australia alps is such beautiful country that the sambar deer are a bonus.

While there was a lot of good deer sign in this area the deer themselves were elusive. Could have been that the warm spell of weather has encouraged the deer to move up into the high country that was recently covered in snow. Do sambar migrate within their territory up and down according to the season? There is so much to learn about sambar deer in this country!

Found a couple of nice wallows that showed sign of recent activity so there were clearly some deer in this area.









Could have been the hot days followed by very wet days that had the deer in a different part of the gully system.









Excellent rubs from sambar stags along numerous ridges and spurs. Most of the rubs were not very recent and appeared to be of similar size and shape to the photo below.

2014-11-22 19.55.28










Hunting in spring time does have another advantage in that the number of wildflowers in bloom is just fantastic (and what a way to spend a day).









2014-11-22 19.52.10











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