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Fallow buck for 2015 rut

July 5, 2015 0

Reasonable fallow buck for this area taken during the 2015 rut. It was quite late in the evening before the bucks started to croak. Shot was taken from 120m with the 30-06 using Norma 180grn […]

Fallow deer

Fallow doe for meat

March 18, 2014 0

Nice fallow doe for meat. Taken from 120m with 30-06 using 178grn Norma projecticles. Entry looks a bit low but exit is a perfect shoulder shot.


Hello deer stalkers!

March 5, 2014 0

Welcome to the Deer Stalking Dogs website. This website is dedicated to selecting, training, and hunting dogs when deer stalking. If you would like to contribute please contact us.