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Transporting that deer carcass!

Thinking though the issues around transporting that deer after it on the ground is important to a successful hunt.

Having to carry a large deer carcass over difficult terrain for a long distance is really hard work. If you can use a quad or a four wheel drive to get as close to the fallen animal as possible it will:

1. save a lot of hard work and possible injuries from falls; and

2. allow you to take the carcass back to a location that is setup for dressing out. In areas with wild dog problems it is important to dispose of any remains to reduce the amount of easy meals for the dogs.

A quad with a boned out red stag can still carry two hunters over difficult terrain. Dog can always run along behind if there isn’t the room on board!









Photo below shows a nice rusa stag that was collected after dark from where it fell several hours earlier. Custom built trailer was being towed by a four wheel drive. The other animal in the trailer is a rusa doe that was also taken from a nearby stand before dark. This trailer was a great asset as it allowed the deer to be moved from the shooting zones in front of the stands to an area where they could be dressed out with the remaining guts and bones being disposed of in a pit. No doubt the dog finds this a better option than the quad as they can ride in the back of the vehicle where it nice and warm out of the cold wind.

rusa in trailer

















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